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Skylums Luminar 2018

First thing first! This is the photography editing software which I use mostly in my day to day life. Why only me rather it is used by many famous photographers like Serge Ramelli,Ted Ratcliff, Jim Nix, and off-course Sakshain (just kidding)  etc. So, this is enough to justify the position of Luminar in the photography editing industry. Still, don’t worry! We are going to dig into Skylum’s Luminar 2018 for the sake of understanding the premium software a bit more.

Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee or tea while I take you through Luminar 2018.

Luminar 2018 is the latest product from MacPhun (now Skylum), for amateur photographers as well as for professional photographers who want a far better editing service for their valuable photos. While much of their advertising is targeted to photography enthusiasts and customers I can see how Luminar, with maturity, will certainly be able to take on a great deal. Adobe’s subscription system for its editing suite has given a new platform to many new products with one-time payment, which is liked by many, especially amateur photographers including me. Therefore, Luminar 2018 with one-time payment system is a steal deal within the photography editing market.

Luminar 2018 is available for both Windows and Mac but few features are missing in Windows like water-marking, etc. No need to worry windows’ users! Because I think Luminar will update all those missing features by the mid of 2018 and then it will be similar to the Mac version. Missing features in Windows are minor features and won’t effect the editing process in any way. The images edited on both the platforms have similar outputs. On both Mac and Windows updates are free of cost for lifetime. Awesome!

Skylum's Luminar 2018 - v1.3


The latest version of Luminar 2018 is 1.3.2, when the article is being written.

Skylum's Luminar-2018 - Filters Catalog

Here are the few features:

  • Accent AI Filter (this is unique to any photo editing software in the market)
  • AI Sky Enhancer (this filter targets only the sky)
  • Matte Filter
  • Sun rays (this is unique to any photo editing software in the market)
  • Lut Mapping
  • Real time noise reduction
  • Dehaze
  • Advanced Sharpening
  • Advanced Color Processing
  • Plug-in Capability
  • Raw Batch Processing
  • Bi-color Toning
  • Clone and Stamp
  • Structure and Microstructure Settings
  • Advanced Masking
  • And many more

In its existing kind, at the very least, it’s also a solitary image editor. You can conserve edits that you have performed on a particular photo to re-use it as a preset on various other images, though each picture is opened and modified in its very own, in separate editing home window. It has non-destructive image layer system which easily takes you back to any stage of your photo editing, so that you don’t lose your precious editing steps.

Luminar provides many preset categories like basic, dramatic, outdoor, travel, portrait and many more. For most of the time, I got rid of these pre-defined presets just due to the fact that I do not necessarily care for them. You can easily clear these presets out as well as develop your own presets for your own editing applications as well as looks. However, I totally see exactly how one may desire to continuously alter as some of the presets for the purpose of fun as well for some creative results out of their normal photos. The large number of filters is fantastic, but it really depends on your approach towards your photo development. I prefer more of a natural look than any sort of dramatic looks and punches. Each filter has different algorithm behind its effects depending on the photo that is being edited. At the end, you will find Luminar 2018 finishes up developing some fantastic photos if you’re careful about your shooting methodologies (the effect is really noticed in the Accent AI filter, which manages an algorithm to the entire image to give it a fresh new look above your expectations) regarding your editing and enhancing skills.

The Accent AI filter with its solitary “Increase” slider is really a very simple automated improvement filter that, in theory, is a one-slider-edits-all feature. Accent AI appears to be rather of a wonderful HDR modification. I have actually seen excellent examples of it at work, nevertheless, which is why it is having a place here in my article. SunRays is a brand-new filter to Luminar 2018 as well as is conveniently the most outstanding awesome upgrade to any editing software in the market. This filter altogether brings a different look to a photo which cannot be expressed in words (you really need to see this working).

You can easily export a picture from either Photoshop or Lightroom for modifying in Luminar, where you can make use of particular filters that suit your needs to rapidly make modifications that the various other two just can’t cover similarly.

You can export your final image into either JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000, Photoshop or PDF. You can directly share your images on Facebook, Twitter or Emails.

Skylum’s Luminar 2018 doesn’t currently have any kind of Asset Management System or Cataloging, yet it has actually been announced and will certainly be a totally free upgrade concerning individuals early in 2018.

Talking about features, Luminar 2018 is a pack of powerful tools integrated to its core system. Each feature is unique to its ecosystem and to be used as per the needs of a photographer. Here, I want to limit my article to only few important features like Accent AI and Sun Rays stated above because its impossible to cover all the awesome and cool features of Luminar 2018 in a single article.


I am obsessed with Skylum’s Luminar 2018. With each update it is getting better and better. For amateur photographer it is the best editing software in the market. Whereas for professional it may depend. You should not consider Affinity Photo as an alternate to Lumiar 2018. Luminar 2018 is one click solution to instant editing whereas Affinity needs greater depth of knowledge in editing. Both are awesome softwares with one-time payment scheme and with many standalone features, but for beginners, Luminar 2018 is best and for experts or professionals they may choose between Affinity Photo, Luminar, Lightroom, etc. I would personally recommend this piece of software to every photographer.

Luminar is a steal deal at a price Tag of $69 (Indian rupees 4485) and it shall not affect any amateur or professional photographer to spare that much of amount. Macphun/Skylum is also offering some bonus materials with the purchase of Luminar 2018. Each purchase provide you with 5 device licenses, which is again Awesome!

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