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My Blog! My Way!

Defining Freestyle Writings.

This official blog provides posts on Photography Techniques and Image Editing tips & tricks. I write posts that are simple as well as useful for my viewers. I am trying my level best to make this blog Interesting and Engaging.

Empowering Knowledge !

Skylum’s Luminar 2018 – Best Photo Editor

First thing first! This is the photography editing software which I use mostly in my day to day life. Why only me rather it is used by many famous photographers like Serge Ramelli,Ted Ratcliff, Jim Nix, and off-course Sakshain (just kidding)  etc. So, this is...

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Affinity Photo – An Alternate To Photoshop

Affinity Photo v1.6.5.135 is the latest version and is available currently for Mac OS X (10.7 or later) and Windows (7, 8 as well as 10). A minimum of 2 GB RAM is suggested. Given that Adobe moved into a membership only service for its image editing suite, we have...

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Beginner’s Choice: Nikon D3400

The D3400 is the latest entry-level product line from Nikon. Nikon D3400 is a camera that boast of minimalist design with all poly-carbonate construction, small size and low weight which is around 445g. The D3400 is target to the amateur photographers who are thinking...

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Mr. Dependable: Nikon D5300

You might be thinking that Nikon D5600 is the latest mid-range line-up offered by Nikon in the present market then why this guy is taking about Nikon D5300, which was launched long ago in the year 2013. It is obvious to think so. But I request you to be with me till...

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Selecting A Digital Photography Camera

Digital photography is no longer a 'brand-new thing'. Digital photography has thrived of late and for excellent factor. Gone are the days when taking your holiday snaps required purchasing a film, taking photos in the hope that at least half would develop then...

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Image Editing Software Programs for Digital Cameras

What are Image Editing Software Programs? Digital electronic cameras (Point and Shoot or DSLR) normally comes with an image editing software program. They give standard editing tools including a red-eye reduction and cropping. Some have instantaneous fix tools that...

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