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Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo v1.6.5.135 is the latest version and is available currently for Mac OS X (10.7 or later) and Windows (7, 8 as well as 10). A minimum of 2 GB RAM is suggested.

Given that Adobe moved into a membership only service for its image editing suite,

we have actually seen some affordable options in the market offered for one-time fees. The unbelievable value as well as one-time cost payment method of Affinity Photo is enough to encourage existing Adobe Photoshop CC customers to try it out.

A full list of attributes, with the brand-new ones highlighted in red, can be found on the Serif Affinity Photo web site.

Here are the just few features:

– Countless pest solutions as well as various other improvements.

Affinity photo is made up of:

– Work areas is divided into 5 various ‘Personas’.

Photo Persona

Liquify Persona

Develop Persona

Tone Mapping Persona

Export Persona

– Comprehensive raw photo editing.

– Integrated assistance for Wacom pen tablets and also others.

– Offered for Mac and also Windows.

– $ 49.95 (4000 Indian Rupees) one-time fee, totally free upgrades. Special Black Friday discounts may roll soon. Grab the opportunity!

– Companion visuals style Affinity Developer software application readily available also.

– Competitor to the full version of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Installation is as basic as one can anticipate. The software application is offered in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and also Spanish.

Select a different Persona and its series of editing options appears within the office. You’ll spend most of the time in the Image section as well as the Pre-defined Personas sections.

Serif has actually upgraded its photo editing software program Affinity Photo with ‘a substantial efficiency increase’ to get better speed while handling large files within the editing eco-system. The step to v1.6 also brings a brand-new light-colored interface alternative, for those who like it.

When you try to open a RAW image using Affinity Photo, it is obvious that it will open in Develop persona first. After applying basic adjustments the photo moves to photo persona where majority of the tools are situated to enhance your image to its most effectiveness.

So let’s start with Develop Persona:

Develop Persona features all the direct exposure modifications and lens-correction features we would anticipate in the Basic, Lens, Information, Tones and Overlays panels. Direct exposure, Vibrance, Shadow & Emphasizes, Defringe, Sharpening – It’s all there and much more. Here you may need to wait for few more seconds for very first opening up of your photo – typically there is a good 20-30 seconds waiting time till some edits become available depending on the RAW file size and then thereafter no such delays are noticed.

Affinity Photo - Develop Persona

Photo Persona:

More complicated editing and enhancing could then be made via the ‘Photo Persona’. You will really favor how the Create and Photo Personas rest side-by-side, providing both raw picture modifications and more complex editing and enhancing. The picture being modified is called a ‘Pixel’ layer and also it is in theory possible to have infinite Pixel layers as per the requirements of a user. There are typical Mixing modes available for Pixel layers.

Within the leading toolbar are automated modification buttons for degrees, contrast, color as well as white-balance.

The left-hand-side vertical tool bar contains numerous editing tools acquainted to Photoshop, such as selection, dodge, melt, clone and also recover brushes. Select the Text option and a large array of choices are offered for superimposing messages.

Impainting Brush which is discovered in the Recovery Brush, removes items utilizing smart material recognition and the results are wonderful.

The font option drop-down selection has obtained a total overhaul and it is currently one of the ideal devices for choosing fonts. Font names are revealed together with a preview of the typefaces style. 4 (four) tabs at the top filter are for listings — All, Current, Used, as well as Favorites.

By default, a photo is made non-destructive via adjustment layers. Each layer could be picked, deselected as well as removed individually or as a result secured for additional edits. We assume this is an extra intuitive technique compared to returning through edits using the history panel.

Viewing picture information as well as previewing edits ought to take place instantaneously. Right here, there is simply a fractional lag after altering exposure values and so on – yet generally you’ll see the effect instantly. The exact same could be said for the layers panel, where the results of an edit can be activated as well as deactivated.

An additional fractional lag is when moving around a photo when presented at 100%. It’s fractional, yet it’s there. The only genuinely significant delays we experienced were when switching between identities when making the very first edit in a brand-new persona – as an example using chromatic aberrations modifications in the ‘Create persona’.

To maintain any kind of exposure adjustments in check, there is a clipped highlights/ tones and also darkness work that superimposes any tonal blowouts into the picture. Additionally, the histogram is readily available, alongside any type of EXIF information which likewise includes an area map, if that information is available.

There are instant sneak peeks of any kind of edits made – overall there is no spending time. We like the choices of split display as well as mirror display to reveal the – in the past as well as after effect of edits.

For quicker modifying, it is feasible to conserve a collection of edits into a profile and afterwards apply the profile by a solitary option.

Affinity Photo - Photo Persona

Liquify Persona:

‘Liquify Persona’ is an effective choice where you could stretch and also warp the picture utilizing any type of among a variety of warp designs. A grid is overlaid to reveal the type of the warp that has actually been used.

Affinity Photo - Liquify Persona

Tone Mapping Persona:

Tone Mapping is basically a HDR device with a lot of presets to choose from to apply directly to the image.

Efficient as they are, the ‘Liquify Persona’ as well as ‘Tone Mapping Persona’ are more specific niche so it’s most likely you’ll spend less time utilizing these tools.

Affinity Photo - Tone Mapping Persona

Exporting Persona:

With an image modified to taste, it is time to choose the Export Personality. There are a lot of choices right here, with assistance for 8-bit and also 16-bit color deepness.

When exporting a single photo, ‘Pieces’ can export several versions of the exact same file concurrently, with independent control over documents renaming as well as image measurements. There is a vast selection of documents kinds to export too.

Affinity Photo - Export Persona


It consequently makes total sense that the work space of Affinity Photo has actually been developed in such a way that is truly familiar to those currently making use of Photoshop. You obtain the familiar grey history by default, a vertical toolbar on the left and also control panels on the. Those tools you utilize in Photoshop are typically found where you wish they will certainly remain in Affinity Photo.

The main distinction between Photoshop’s solitary workspace is that Affinity Photo utilizes ‘Personas’, each with their own respective tool sets. These personas are located in the top left corner. We have already discussed the different personas.

Edits do not finish with image retouching. You have actually got complicated Panorama, Heap, HDR Merge as well as Focus Heap settings. Point of view distortion is readily available, indicating it is feasible to fix two sides of an object like a building in the very same photo. It’s all really similar to Photoshop.

Assistance for brand-new video cameras and also lenses is included on a regular basis and Affinity Picture collaborates with the majority of data kinds, consisting of Photoshop PSD files (with complete layer support) and also swiftly enhancing Plugin support.

As for set processing, we couldn’t locate an alternative for set renaming which is a bit frustrating. While it is feasible to set the width or size in pixels for the batch, there doesn’t appear to be an alternative for longest dimension in pixels, which would certainly provide for sets that consist of both landscape and picture layout pictures.

There are 1 or 2 constraints to editing that could confirm problematic. The Exposure slider is restricted to ± 2EV modifications which is a shame – if you need a lot more severe direct exposure changes after that this is not the software to make use of.

There are a couple of restrictions to modifying, most significantly the exposure adjustment and also one or two raw image modifies like lens improvements. Otherwise, we have actually had the ability to make some fantastic looking edits.

All in all the work space is detailed yet reasonably straight forward to navigate. It did not take us long to locate our means around, while understanding there is plenty more to check out.

All in all, the whole procedure from image import to export is proficient.

Generally, we need to say that we have actually been obtaining great results from the raw modifying control board. We claim attempt the software out for yourself.

Affinity Photo is like Photoshop in that it is made to work on a solitary photo. It is not designed for big editing workflows. A Batch Job is readily available, however this just truly covers exporting rather than raw image editing and enhancing. The option that you do have for fast edits is applying presets.

Whether you will use Affinity Photo as your key editing suite in the future? It’s a close call, depending upon your needs and uses. Besides one or two improvements, we would certainly have to see Serif release an image cataloging software to come with Affinity Photo. This is maybe the missing out on link for Serif taking a bigger bite out of Adobe’s lion share.

There is a free trial offered. All you have to do is to enter your details on the product website and a link will be sent out to you from Serif’s website.

For those that have acquired an older version of Affinity Photo, the latest one comes complimentary. Free upgrades were suggested to be a plus point for registration solutions, so congratulations to Serif for caring for existing individuals at no additional cost.

Don’t allow that low cost fool you – it does not show the capacity and also versatility of Affinity Photo 1.6. It showcases compatibility with virtually all photo documents kinds (including Photoshop PSD documents), provides a wide range of editing tools as well as fasts too.


Taking into consideration that this fantastic photo editor costs $49.95 (Indian Rupees 4000), without the requirement for a membership, the complimentary upgrade and the extra goodies are a very welcome and also unanticipated surprise. You can also look for other image editors for the purpose of your own experience. My personal favorite is Skylum’s Luminar 2018.

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