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Sakshain is an India based travel, landscape and humanitarian photographer. He has always loved nature and travelling. He tries his level best to combine his love for natural landscape and quality of serenity and calm of each place he visits. He is someone who hopes to get you closer to the beauty of nature through his photography. He favors Golden-Hour and Blue-Hour of the day for his shoot. He always seeks out locations to experience true natural beauty, away from crowds and the stress of everyday life.

He started photography 📷 as a hobby and has a degree in Engineering. He worked as a Cyber Security Professional and till date he holds many industries oriented Cyber Security Certifications. Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking is his second love after photography. In September of 2017, he left the 9-5 world to earn his own path. Ever since, he has functioned more hours, and has done the important things he loves each day.

He as a photo-educator feels satisfied when he sees someone learn what they previously thought was unreachable and then acquire a self-confidence via the discovering procedure.  He is a firm follower of novice attitude and an experienced learner. He believes that everyone has within them a need to create something from their life and sometimes they do not have the skills to understand this.